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Fully  Cover Tuition and Fees

plus $8,600 stipend

plus an additional $5,000 stipend for black educator residents

plus an additional $4,000 stipend for science and math residents

plus $382/month for Petersburg residents who live in Petersburg

March 2, 2020

deadline to apply

March 27, 2020

selection day

Application Process

The Application Process is designed to position you to be a strong candidate in the selection process. If you are passionate about social justice and equity education, start this journey with us.

Jump to “STEP FIVE” to learn how to apply to VCU Graduate School. The deadline for Cohort 10 is March 2nd.

Start an application and upload your unofficial transcripts by selecting the “Apply Now” button in the footer.  Send your questions directly to Our Admissions Team.

Our email is

Start Your RTR Application

  • Start your application now.
  • The “Apply Now” button is found on every page of the website.  We operate on a “rolling” admissions basis for qualifying candidates for our Selection Day. We offer two each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • Work on your application so you are ready to submit once you are vetted and have a track alignment. You will not be able to complete your application without being vetted.
  • RTR determines your track options by reviewing your transcripts for course content. Uploading all of your transcripts especially for courses taken at the community college level is key to keeping your options wide open.
  • In your reflective responses, address your track preference. This way you are processing how you see yourself as an ( . . . English teacher, or a math teacher or an elementary education teacher or a special education teacher, etc). It helps us to see you in that role, too.
  • If you are completing your application on a device or smartphone, install a spell check app to ensure you have not missed a typo. This is a common oversight.
  • Upload all transcripts to your RTR application.
  • Upload all score reports to your RTR application.  A form will be provided to do so during  spring 2020.
  • Invest time in your application so that your passion for RTR is clearly stated and your best self is reflected.

Register and Pass Required Track Tests

  • In the fall, you will be provided with testing vouchers at Selection Day.  In the spring, you will be provided with testing vouches after you have RSVP’d that you will be attending Selection Day. The testing vouchers will allow you to take your required testing on us.
  • After you receive your testing vouchers, register for your required tests. Links to test sites are on the website and found here.
  • All tests must be passed and uploaded to your application by March 15th for fall applicants, and by April 15th, for spring applicants. See threshold scores here.
  • As soon as you receive your score report, please upload to your RTR application. This will ensure that you meet the deadlines. In the spring, the form will be available for you to do so.
  • Request that test results be sent to you, VCU and the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Do schedule time to study.  That seems to play a critical to success.
  • Sign-up for RTR Study Prep Sessions. See the TEST PREP header in this Application Process for what we are currently offering.

Note: Sometimes it takes a couple of times to pass a test.  That is understandable and okay. Just build in this plan b when you are mapping out your testing schedule.  Also, look out for study groups that we sponsor. Study group information will be posted on the website when available.

References for RTR

  • Select professors, supervisors, colleagues, etc. to serve as your professional references. Please avoid friend references.
  • You just need three.
  • Once you enter this information in your application your references will be sent a RTR Reference Form to complete.  A reference letter is not needed.
  • All reference forms are needed by Selection Day.
  • As reference material is received back to us, you too, will be notified.

Apply to VCU Graduate School

  • Apply to VCU after you have received your GRE or MAT voucher.
  • Select that you are applying for Summer 2020 admission.
  • Be sure to save your login information.
  • Upload unofficial transcripts of all college work, and request that official transcripts be sent directly to VCU Graduate School.
  • Send VCU your GRE or MAT score reports if your track requires it.
  • Elementary M.T. and Secondary Track Candidates: Apply for the Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree specifying your particular content area (elementary education or your content area –math, biology, etc.).
  • Elementary Education — Graduate Certificate in Teaching Candidates: Apply for the Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education.
  • Special Education Track M.Ed Candidates: Apply for the Master of Education (M. Ed.) degree in Special Education – General, in the School of Education.
  • Special Education Track — Graduate Certificate in Teaching Candidate:  Apply for the Graduate Certificate in Special Education.

Complete the Scholarship Application (optional)

  •  VCU School of Education (SOE) offers annual scholarships. Keep your eye open for this additional funding opportunity. The deadline to apply this year is February 29th.  Consult the SOE website for a list of scholarships. The only stipulation? That you have been admitted to VCU Graduate School.
Apply to VCU Graduate School

RTR Selection Day

  • All top candidates are invited to Selection Day. This is an opportunity for you to highlight your skills and show us why you are a good fit for RTR.
  • We ask that you RSVP so we can plan for your arrival.
  • At Selection Day, we bring in all our candidates as a group for that round (either fall or spring). There is a lot of energy and excitement as we gather together to learn and grow.
  • Only candidates who attend Selection Day will be considered for a residency position unless there is a compelling reason for not attending (i.e. an emergency or virtual interview candidates).
  • If you are unable to attend, please contact our Admissions Team right away at
  • Selection Day includes these elements:
    • Teaching a 5-minute prepared mini-lesson before students
    • Providing a writing sample
    • Completing a personal interview
    • Interacting with current residents
    • Interacting with other candidates

You’re Invited to be a Resident – Congratulations!

  • Notarize your Service Agreement (SA) and bring it to our RTR orientation. Your SA will be emailed to you in May.
  • If graduating in May 2020, request that a final college transcript be sent to VCU Graduate School and upload it to your RTR application.
  • Start the program May 18, 2020.

If you are passionate about social justice — about teaching for change — about changing lives, communities, and student outcomes — then RTR is where you need to be.