The RTR application process involves several steps, detailed below. The Cohort 13 application (to begin the program in summer or fall of 2023) will be open in mid-September, 2022.

Step 1: Online Application

The RTR application is accessed online and is free to submit. The application contains several 0pen-ended questions about your life experiences and desire to teach. You will also need to submit your transcripts (PDFs of unofficial transcripts are fine for the RTR application) and names and email addresses of 3 professional references (a current or former supervisor, a current or former colleague, and an additional professional reference). References will then submit a form directly to RTR and will need to submit an additional letter of recommendation.

After your application is submitted, we will begin by reviewing your transcripts. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree by the time you begin the program. A 3.0 GPA overall or in your last 60 hours of coursework is required. Secondary education requires an undergraduate degree specific to the content you want to teach. For example, if you want to teach English, you need to have an English degree. Elementary education is open to many undergraduate degrees; teacher licensure in the state does have specific requirements, and your transcripts will be reviewed accordingly. All undergraduate majors are accepted into the special education pathway.

Step 2: Submission of additional materials

Once your application is submitted, you will receive a notification detailing the two additional materials that will need to be submitted.

The first of these is the statement of intent. This is a personal statement describing your motivations for pursuing a teaching career through the RTR program.

The second of these is a 5-minute video focused on teaching dispositions – Enthusiasm, Creativity, Communication, and Belief in All Students. This video will either be a mini-lesson planned and delivered by you or a response to a teaching video shared with you.

Step 3: Interview

You will participate in an online interview held via Zoom. Interviews will be conducted by RTR and partner school division staff. Every applicant is asked the same interview questions, and interviews are an opportunity for us to get to know you better.

Step 4: Next Steps after Acceptance

If you are accepted into the RTR program, you will need to submit an application to VCU to the appropriate program of study for your RTR pathway. The letters of recommendation and statement of intent will be used for your VCU application.

We have several pathways available


general special education

adapted special education

secondary English

secondary math

secondary science

secondary social studies

We fully cover tuition for our students

plus $5,000 stipend

plus an additional $4,000 stipend for science and math residents

plus $382/month for Petersburg residents who live in Petersburg

We offer rolling admissions

the RTR application will be available in mid-September 2022

Admissions for the 2023-2024 school year will continue through June 2023

If you are passionate about social justice — about teaching for change — about changing lives, communities, and student outcomes — then RTR is where you need to be.