Even if you have been offered a position in RTR, you will not be able to start our program until all of your testing is satisfied for your track.  This is different from other residency programs but it is important for us to be able to say to our district partners that we are providing a certified teacher at the end of our program.  The whole point of RTR is to provide the students we serve with extraordinary professional teachers with the credentials to be in the classroom.

It is also meaningful for you to know that your testing is not in vain.  With the exception of the Elementary and Special Education tracks who will still need one test for licensure (RVE, their spring semester of RTR), everyone else is done.

Here are some tips to testing:

Studying: Invest time in studying. Even a little studying each day will move you further down the road.

Test Prep: Take advantage of the test prep programs that RTR provides. Click the Test Prep page for more info about current courses.

Testing Vouchers: You will receive vouchers to cover testing costs. They are good for one time only. Should you need to re-test, contact your RTR Admissions Team at teachrtr@vcu.edu

Planning: Given the tight turnaround, plan out when you will be taking your tests. You want to allow time for adequate test prep, and time to re-take a test if necessary before your deadline. This includes your testing for RTR and VCU.

Testing Deadlines

For Fall Candidate Offers: All score reports MUST be uploaded into your application by March 13, 2022. You will be sent the form that will allow you to provide this data after you submit your RTR application.

For Spring Candidate Offers: All test score reports MUST be uploaded into your application by April 13, 2022. You will be send the form that will allow you to provide this data once you submit your RTR application.

VCU required Testing by Track:  A GRE* waiver is possible. The link can be found: https://soe.vcu.edu/academics/masters-programs/master-of-teaching/

  • Elementary Education M.T. — GRE* plus Praxis, VCLA
  • Elementary Education Graduate Teaching Certificate:  Praxis and VCLA
  • Secondary M.T. — GRE*, plus Praxis and VCLA
  • Special Education M. Ed. — GRE* plus Praxis and VLCA
  • Special Education Licensure Track for Instructional Assistants — GRE* plus Praxis and VCLA

If you are passionate about social justice — about teaching for change — about changing lives, communities, and student outcomes — then RTR is where you need to be.