Testing Ins and Outs

  • ETS offers two options for testing – in-person at a testing center or at home. Although testing from home is convenient, our students have had the greatest success when testing in-person at a testing center.
  • For in-person testing, ETS offers monthly testing windows for most Praxis Subject Tests. However, Earth & Space Science and Physics Praxis Subject Tests are only offered in September, November, January, March, and April. Make sure to plan ahead.
  • ETS may take scheduled test windows offline without advance notice – typically March. Inform the program if this occurs.
  • ETS requires that you register 21 days in advance of your test date. As a bonus, you will avoid late registration fees.
  • Request that official copies be sent directly to VCU School of Education as well as upload to your RTR application.

You can take the Praxis once every 21 days, not including your initial test date. Even if you canceled your test, you still have to wait the 21 days.

  • You can take both parts of this test at the same time or at different times. The highest aggregate score will be used to meet this requirement.
  • Request that official score reports be sent to the Virginia Department of Education and VCU School of Education.
  • Upload your score report to your RTR application.

You can take the VCLA once every 30 days.

Yes, you can take them all at the same time or take them individually.

  • Order the maximum number of free score reports and save a copy to your hard drive and a hard copy for your files.
  • Expect to be asked to provide score report documentation at several times during your career.

That you pass all testing for your track and upload your score reports by your deadline to your RTR application.

For Students Enrolling in Summer:  By July 1st.

For Students Enrolling in Fall:  By September 1st.

For VCLA and Praxis Tests

  • Upload all score reports to your RTR application. A form will be sent to you after you submit your RTR application that will allow you to communicate this information.
  • Select the Virginia Department of Education and VCU School of Education electronically when you sign-up for each test.

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