What happens after I’m accepted to RTR?

Post RTR Acceptance

Once acceptance letters are sent out, accepted candidates need to reply to the offer of admission within the week letting us know if they plan to enroll, have changed their mind about joining, or will be deferring enrollment.

Incoming residents will then receive an enrollment letter letting them know about the next steps in the enrollment process:

  • Apply to the appropriate VCU School of Education program – materials from the RTR application will be used for this step
  • There is an application fee for the VCU application that RTR cannot waive
  • Accept the VCU offer of enrollment and submit official transcripts
  • Return the service agreement – this will be sent as a PDF and will need to be signed in the presence of a notary and returned by the deadline provided
  • Attend RTR advising and residency orientations – these will provide information about course enrollment and the residency experience
  • Be paired with a mentor – personality inventories and meet-and-greet sessions will be used to make the best possible matches
  • Enroll in VCU courses and begin the journey to becoming a teacher

Post Residency Support

Once you graduate from VCU and complete your residency year, you will be ready to begin your career as a teacher in a high-needs school. Each school district has its own expectations for obtaining a teaching job; some provide a list of schools to which residents may apply while others allow residents to apply for any open positions they see.

Once you begin teaching, you will be supported by a career coach for one hour per week during your first year and one hour every other week during your second year. This support is on top of the new teacher mentoring your district provides. Your career coach will provide instructional coaching and support as well as professional coaching and support. Need to figure out how to teach your students about percents? Your career coach can help with that. Need to figure out how to talk to your principal about a challenging situation? Your career coach can help with that too.

You will also continue to be supported by RTR staff and the RTR network. We host alumni events, social gatherings, affinity groups, and professional development. Make sure we have your updated contact information, and you will continue to be included in a variety of RTR activities.